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• 10’ Cargo Cube
• 18’ Custom Cube Truck w/ Lift-Gate

Our unique 10’ Cargo Cube comes equipped with a navigation and security system.
Nimble and quick like a cargo van, but with the extra space you need.
Perfect for a music video or smaller job.

$75/Day, $375/Week
100 Free Miles per Rental Day - $0.30 per Add’l Mile • Plus Applicable Sales Tax

Our 18’ Custom Cube Truck is equipped with hydraulic lift-gate, shore powered electrical outlets for charging walkie or camera batteries, security system, and an additional side access door with retractable steps.

Our 18’ truck offers the flexibility of creating the following configurations:

• A simple Production Truck loaded with any needed production supply items.
• A combination Camera/Production Truck utilizing a variety of modular shelves
and racks to maximize floor space and provide secure storage for all equipment.

Potentially two trucks for the price of one!

Ford LCF 18' Cube Truck
Example Pre-Packed Production Supply Order

$95/Day, $475/Week
100 Free miles per day - $0.30 per add'l mile
Plus applicable Sales Tax.


Through our relationship with Enterprise Rent-A-Truck, we can also arrange to
sub-rent a wide variety of vehicles, such as 5-Tons, Stakebeds, and Cargo Vans,
and include all on your ONE Heavy Artillery invoice if our truck is not available.

We handle all arrangements, including pick up and returns. Gated parking also
available. Please give us a call for further details and pricing.