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Galpin Studio Rental Lot
3200 S. La Cienega Blvd.
Los Angeles, CA 90016
Los Angeles
Production companies previously enlisting our equipment and trucks:
Hunger Games - Movie
Harpo Productions - Oscars Special

One Tree Hill
Blvd. Films - Vogue Magazine
Annie Leibovitz Studio
Radical Media

Nonfiction Unlimited
Stonecore - CMA
Habana Avenue
ESPN - Monday Night Football & NASCAR
Bandito Bros.
Directorz - American Idol
Revolution Pictures
Strategic Perception
Love Don't Let Me Down - Movie
Tangible Vision - Love It Or List It - TV
The Healer - Movie
House of Usher
The Bachelorette - TV
Red House
Country Living
Gary Musick
Lamar Bros.
Supply & Demand

Homeland - TV
CBS - 60 Minutes
Deaton Flanigen
Big Feather Films
NFL Network - Super Bowl
America's Most Wanted
Stray Dog
NASCAR Media Group
Halsey Co. - Destination Nashville
Running 4 Cover
Film House - CBS News
Station Film
Aero Film
Skyville Live
Tiny Terror
Weiden & Kennedy
American Girl
Randi Events
American Supergroup

"The comradery, the loss of friends, the carnage and brutality...Production isn't for the tea-sippin', sissy college student who thinks they have the answer to life, but have yet to get one. You need to know who your allies are at all times. With Heavy Artillery, you know you won't be in the trenches alone, when the bombs start flying.

When you're under the gun, you can rest assured that the Pre-Packed truck will cover all the basic necessities. You know when you need last minute reinforcement, John & Philip will have your back. The support, knowledge and collaboration from two people that actually work in production is indispensable. You need highly trained, coherent, trustworthy, organized soldiers in your battalion."

Jennifer Berry - Production Supervisor

"Heavy Artillery is the most convenient way to get a Production Truck and Production Supplies in Hollywood. My order is pre-packed, the gear is well-maintained, prices are incredible and I can always count on them. Convenience, quality and good deals are just a few things that come to mind when I think of Heavy Artillery."

Andre Kusmierz - Production Supervisor

"Heavy Artillery's exclusive camouflage theme is a nice alternative to the "standard" production supply look. Camouflage pop-up tents can save the PA's the agony of moving the client area out of the shot. They just blend right in.
Heavy Artillery makes the truck rental process a breeze. Their truck location and supply warehouse are in a well-known, central location. It's a relief to know there is 24 hr. security and access to the truck and supplies. No 5am surprises that require bolt cutters to access the truck.

John and Philip (the Master and Commanders of Heavy Artillery) are so pleasant to do business with. Their attention to detail and cordial business practice are top notch. I have Heavy Artillery on speed dial...when I get a job."

Rebecca Deelo - Production Supervisor

"I love using Heavy Artillery! With one stop shopping I don't understand why EVERYONE wouldn't use them. Picking up a truck FULLY loaded with my specific production gear is a huge help. The attention paid to detail is a real plus, allowing myself, and my production assistants to focus on other things. Having everything loaded and waiting for me leaves me with one less thing I need to worry about, not to mention making return days such an easy thing. I am not sure why other expendable companies haven't followed suit!"

Kyle Davis - Production Supervisor

"The guys at Heavy Artillery really understand production and practically bend over backwards to help ease the craziness of prep and wrap, for everyone involved. A PA not having to spend their time loading and unloading a cube truck - wow, it's awesome! Heavy Artillery might just be the wave of the future - vendors who really get it. Thanks guys!"

S. H. - Production Coordinator

"With Heavy Artillery I know I am in good shape and capable hands! EVERYTHING I need is just ONE phone call away, instead of 2 or 3!"

Jose Nunez - Production Coordinator

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